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EconoMusic S.L. We announced the new creation of our community

"StarSMaker® Music Community"

Destined to all our friends who already have some StarSMaker® instrument

We offer the opportunity to appear on our site section "StarSMaker® Music Community" with your instrument, so that our company cooperate in promoting yourself as a musician on this website and in our social networks, music broadcasting channels etc. ....

For such dissemination or promotion contributions we need your photos or videos where you appear with your StarSMaker® instrument you can do in

Many musicians who already have a StarSMaker®.

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YOU UNDERSTAND, we know what you need and communicate.

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Alfonso J.A.S.W.  J.A.W.S. Guitarist with an electric guitar StarSMaker® ELITE CUSTOM SM-GE009 BlackGold

Dale A. Albertson. Guitarist from the Canadian band EVEN KEEL Musician at The StarSMaker® Experience Band With the electro-acoustic StarMaker® SM-GA005 Vancouver, Canadá.

Melissa Mulder. Vocalist at the Canadian band EVEN KEEL An amazing voice and great collaborator artist in The StarSMaker® Experience Band Vancouver, Canadá.

Tomeu Juan Fuster. Drummer, percussionist, guitarist... Member of Titellaires & percussionist at MesMúsica With Electro-acoustic guitar StarMaker® SM-GA005 Palma de Mallorca

Musical Group Virgen del Carmen de Dúrcal (Granada) Director: Manolo Bocao. Contact:(+34) 647 091 927 More members from the band with  StarSMaker® Mari with trumpet StarSMaker® SM-TR024 Ruben "El Chulo" Bombardino Baritone StarSMaker® SM-BO001 Trumpet StarSMaker® SM-TR006, SM-TR023, SM-TR024.

Manuel Bargueño. guitarist on The Loop with electric guitar StarSMaker® SM-GE004 Super Strato