In line with the day The StarSMaker® Experience we have created an open band musician friends and collaborators, STARSMAKER® THE BAND EXPERIENCE.

It is the union between colleagues from different styles and groups in our area to have fun doing the music we like. It is an open band who wants to participate at some point and we can expect all who wish to join different musical themes and groups of musicians, but all united under the same idea.

No matter that the band counts on different occasions with a staff of different musicians, we can not play together at once, although I shall walk jejje, we are all united by the same project and idea STARSMAKER® EXPERIENCE THE BAND.

A band of many that we share the same concern and we will use this name to introduce ourselves as musicians while having a lot of fun times, mingling, exchanging, getting to know and a little out of the inscrutability of each within their official band. Basically this is the idea and project development.

In EconoMusic we will give coverage to all events and acts which involved the "multiband" and serve as promotion for artists personally and StarSMaker® instruments.

The band, again; It is open to all who want it and vary the "staff" of musicians as subjects, performances or different groups for every occasion.

This band can do live performances in all future events that we organize from EconoMusic and others that are interesting and can make us have a good time. We sincerely believe that it will be very fun and you can do great things together, mingling, collaborating musically and learning from each other.

I hope you like the idea. For more information contact section.