Online store for buying musical instruments, wind instruments , string instruments , percussion instruments , keyboard instruments , accessories and spare parts for musical instruments.

Economusic born with the aim of serving the purchase of musical instruments to all , both professional musicians and students who are new to the world of music.

Our brand StarSMaker has been conceived and studied alongside professional musicians between Spanish and our prestigious factories .Our brand is all from spanish origin.

In this period of life as a company, they are already many musicians, bands , groups, conservatories, music schools, fans etc. in Spain and Europe, who have placed their trust in our brand StarSMaker for the acquisition of a new musical instrument.

EconoMusic is created and managed by experienced musicians in this art and  professionals  at metals, alloys and finishes industries for over 20 years.

StarSMaker is a production line of musical instruments and accessories where the main manufacturing premise is that our quality is not at odds with the price. From now we intend to offer the professional musician an instrument of high quality with daily work without the problem of a large financial outlay .

Our musical instruments are not sold in other shops to avoid intermediaries carry only increases the end price on the instrument ; for this reason our prices are so affordable .

On the other hand , the young and future musical talent to discover that is in the student who began his musical studies, there will not get truncated the development of study and future career by the handicap of economic matter , unable to acquire a musical instrument because of its high price.

In Economusic we are completely open to trade with music conservatories, music schools, bands, brass bands offering special discounts.
The StarSMaker musical instruments are designed and manufactured using the best materials with the most modern manufacturing processes and strict quality controls .

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