We add the new secction of repairs & luthier to our web.

We adjust and repair your instrument with professional results at best prize. Prepare your instrument for a professional use, by expert hands & an economic budget. Guitars, basses, winds, drums, etc.

Complete restorations with polishes & plate finishes on silver, gold, nikel, copper and lacquers.
An example of works & supper prize offer:

Basic adjust of electric guitar or bass

- String change with special Luthier oil application for the fingerboard.

-Neck adjust & string lengt adjust.

-Fingerboard check & cleaning with frets Y pegbox check.

-Potenciometers, electronic, and entrance jack checks.

-Pickup adjust and nivelate.

-Final test by professionals.

At EconoMusic we make it easy for you: We pick up you guitar, next we make the adjust that are needed & we return it to your home in a express time.

*Ask us without predicamment for your pro advanced ajust or whatever luthier work for any instrument*

Find out at our contact secction .

You can also visit  https://musicalclinic.wordpress.com to take a look about the details & processes we do on restorations & repairs.