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These general conditions of sale apply strictly to all sales of products made by the online store Economusic.es. Any order made online store Economusic.es necessarily as an essential, decisive and indispensable, the unqualified acceptance by Customer of the General Conditions of Sale online store Economusic.es force on the day it takes place the appropriate order. In addition, you acknowledge that acceptance of these conditions involve the application of these to order to which they relate, and to any subsequent order, except for cases where new conditions are brought to its attention by the online store Economusic .is. The fact that the online store Economusic.es not recur at any given time these conditions can not be interpreted or equal to renounce recourse to them in the future or the past. The interpretation and enforcement of conditions as well as all acts stemming therefrom, shall be subject to Spanish law except there are provisions contrary to this law enforcement.


On the one hand , Economusic S.L. ( Website owner http://economusic.es ) with CIF B - 18946285 as a supplier of products purchased by the consumer and / or user, established in C / Ctra Antigua. Granada  Km . 2.6 18600 Motril - Granada - Spain . Info@economusic.es contact address and telephone number (+34) 958 609 453/665 860 221. Company registered in the Commercial Register of Granada : Volume 1404, Book 1 , Page 211, Sheet GR38812 , Inscription 1 .

Moreover, the user registered on the website and whose purpose is to be a consumer and / or user thereof and / or contracting products or services economusic.es . The consumer and / or user is responsible for the information you provide to economusic.es And therefore responsible for the accuracy of the data provided on this website . 


All prizes published in the online store Economusic.es are in Euros . All prices include VAT applicable on the date of the order, any change in VAT rate will be applied automatically to the prices of products sold in the online store Economusic.es The offers on products sold in the shop online Economusic.es be shown in the " Offers" or indicate in the product and , unless otherwise indicated, shall be valid while displayed on the screen. Vouchers will be valid and special conditions for use . See the specifications of each voucher before use.


The purpose of this contract is to regulate the relationship between economusic.es and consumer and / or user at the time it consents during the hiring process by accepting the box. ( Casilla that , prior to acceptance, report on the general conditions , legal and privacy policy of this website notice) . The contractual relationship of sale entail delivery in exchange for a certain price on the website of a product.


When ordering , the customer may elect to pay the purchases made at the online store Economusic by

-Bank Transfer : The buyer for payment by this method is to make a bank transfer (determining the order reference concept ) within a maximum period of 2 working days after the order is placed . The company reserves the right to cancel the order in case you have not received confirmation of the transfer after this period . The bank account will show the customer at the time this choose this method of payment .

-PayPal : For the consumer and / or user to pay for their purchases through this system must have a PayPal account. For more information www.paypal.es .

-Cash on Delivery : Once the buyer ordering, economusic.es send it to the address set in the register through our transportation agency , which will charge him at the time of delivery of the package . No checks accepted, only cash. It is important that the consumer and / or user has prepared the exact amount , as the carrier can not change

-By credit card or debit card through the virtual POS. Through this payment , the buyer will have to provide your credit card number , expiration date and CVV number . In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent under secure bank virtual POS server. This procedure does not provide the card number to economusic.es.


The offers presented by the online store Economusic.es are valid within the limits of available stocks and the dates set for the offer. Economusic.es online store reserves the right to change the product mix according to the constraints imposed by its suppliers .

In the event that the selected product is not available as stock on the product page the user may provide your email with the subject entity that contact with the user once the product is available via email.


To browse the store and add product to cart is not necessary to be registered . However , to make the purchase itself you will be required to register as a user. We will ask your personal data to generate its customer file , such data will be protected under the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13 , Protection of Personal Data . With your user account you can shop and benefit from discounts , promotions and gifts that we offer our customers . In your account can view the history and details of their orders, shipping addresses , means of payment, your discount vouchers , etc.


To purchase at the online store Economusic.es will need to be registered and over 18 years. Add all the products you want in your cart , then to make the purchase click " Confirm" . We will ask the shipping address and the client address (you can use the same address for both) . Then you will be prompted to choose the type of shipment , these tariffs are calculated according to the delivery address provided , with the total weight of the package and the shipping duration (urgent or ordinary) . Finally you must choose the form of payment , either by bank transfer , cash on delivery , PayPal or credit or debit cards .


EconoMusic S.L. It guarantees that its products are free from defects in materials, design and manufacturing. All of our musical instruments have StarSMaker® warranty against manufacturing defects. The product can consist of several different parts and may be covered by different warranty periods; different deadlines are: 24 months for the instrument and accessories 12 months for both those that are included in the sales package of the instrument, such as those sold separately.

To the extent that national law permits their country, the guarantee period will not be extended or renewed, or in any way be affected as a result of resale, repair or replacement. For the validity of the guarantee granted, the following requirements are necessary:

1. Original invoice of purchase.

2. Warranty period: begins at the original purchase of the product by the first end user and is valid only for property acquired in Spanish territory.

3. Repairs to the product, as long as the warranty conditions hereof are met, will mean that the buyer is free of charge once put the instrument in our sales outlet.

4. The user must deliver the product in our sales outlet, otherwise, shall bear all logistics costs.

5. Materials "consumables" such as strings, drumsticks, patches, battery / batteries, valves, reeds, mouthpieces of wind instruments, potentiometers and faders are for excluded of course, as is logical in some of them for reasons of hygiene.

6. The goods shall be immediately reviewed by the customer after delivery made. Should it be determined by transport damage, they shall be declared without delay in written form both the transport delivery note as EconoMusic S.L. and within 24 hours after receipt of the instrument.

7. In case of any manufacturing defect in the instrument, never damage caused by tampering with the receipt of the item, you would replace with the same or similar model if any in stock (standard warranty terms EconoMusic S.L.)

8. If a repair during the warranty period will not be extended or renewed it.

9. Transportation costs for customers returns are the sole responsibility of the customer and transportation costs back from a customer repaired within warranty Article borne by the customer.

10. Excluded from the refund of the full amount of the purchase, all instruments that are subject to return for reasons other than the above detailed.

11. In case of return, the customer must send the product in its original condition as received, without marks misuse, undamaged, clean (no pen marks without signaling stickers in it, beyond its original shipping ... etc.), in its original packaging, accessories and proof of purchase. any item not arrive in perfect condition and packaged in excellent condition will not change. To carry out the payment of the price of the item it will be made through a voucher cangeable other items.

12. This guarantee does not apply to those modified or altered under instructions from the customer who purchases items. Among them are the guitars modified custom made, custom instruments or recorded. This warranty does not cover the following damages:

A. Cosmetic damage caused by normal wear of the instrument.

B. Defects and damage due to bad, negligent use and care of the instrument.

C. injury or damage caused by disassembly, repair, alteration or modifications made without prior authorization from the manufacturer or unauthorized person.

D. Damage or defects caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration or accident regardless of how caused.

E. Damage or defects caused by the spillage of food or liquid, corrosion, and mold.

F. Scratches or damage to the instrument surfaces and other externally exposed parts caused by normal use thereof by the user. Wear phenomena instruments are not covered; in all metal instruments zinc corrosion and lacquer damage it occurs if proper care is not to remove saliva and sweat. While we are complacent, neither we nor the manufacturer will respond by insufficient maintenance.

G. instrument breakage due to improper use. H. Defects or damage caused by force majeure or fortuitous. * All warranty information, product features and specifications are subject to change without notice *


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